The strip down begins. The car is up on bricks with the wheels off, so I can get all the good bits off.

This car isn't going anywhere..... for a while

Bits I need.. Diff, Lower suspension arms, Drive shafts, Hubs and Brakes

Hoisting the lump out

The outside all cleaned up

Heads removed, cleaned up and painted.

All the donor parts have been cleaned up and painted. A heater matrix and wiper motor from a Mini and internal door handles from a Ford Capri have also been obtained from a Breakers.

Unfortunately the Sierra donor I have is a late high spec model with ABS and a tilt adjustable steering column which won't work with the Kit, so a standard brake master cylinder and vacuum plus standard steering column was found back down a the local Breakers yard

Gearbox cleaned up and painted. New oil seals fitted and a new clutch.

All Back together again and ready for action

Page1 The fitting of parts to the chassis