March 2001

Just got a few odd jobs to do before the SVA test.

Certain items will be fitted at a later date i.e

The hood and attachment points

Fake wheel spinners

Polished stainless louvers on the side vents

Windscreen side wind deflectors

Rear wing polished stone guards

Classic style fog and reverse lights

  It just begs to be driven!

The Sierra steering wheel will have to go back on for the test.

I took the car down to a local garage to check the emissions, brakes and headlights plus a general MOT type going over.

The result was that the Sealed beam headlights weren't too good , as far as you couldn't get a decent light pattern out of them.

The brakes at the back were a bit too efficient. There was a tendency for the rears to lock before the fronts

The emissions were tweaked and got within limits

I have now fitted another new set of headlight units with Halogen bulbs - much better.

It's getting embarrassing - the number of people looking and staring at this mean machine!

I have fitted a deceleration valve on the rear brake circuit to balance the front and rear breaking. If I had rear drums instead of discs I probably wouldn't have needed it.

I've fitted the hood and it all went reasonably well and I'm pleased with it. I haven't fitted the fasteners for the side windows along the top edge of the door because that's where I like to put my arm! I 'll probably just fit one at the front.