Jabiru Aircraft covers and Accessories

AK cobra 

and building a ' Sumo Cobra' replica Car

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Custom built Instrument panels Building a Rans S-6 Coyote Vic Leggott  email

 Jabiru Owners Site
Building a MK26 Spitfire

  Qualified ADI 

Link to www.vicdrive.co.uk

Driving instructor in the Cambridge area.

Learner drivers, disqualification renewal training etc.

Pass plus training for newly qualified drivers

Vic Leggott

Jabiru Owner/Kitplane Builder in the UK




Working on Jabirus (all models since introduction to the UK

I've set up and run the internationally acclaimed Jabiru Owners web site, to assist builders :



Complete instrument panel service. Painted plug and play panels custom built exactly to your specification with helpful advice.
Experienced on :

Rans, Jabiru SK/SP/SPL/UL (430 and 450) and Jabiru J400, J430 MK26 Spitfire, Vans

PFA approved Jabiru test pilot - all types
Custom work undertaken, including fitting of Jabiru wing fold kits, landing lights etc.


Kit Cars

UK Jabiru Aircraft types

  • Jabiru SK - Short wing short Fus - 430kg mauw -GroupA
  • Jabiru SP - Short wing long Fus - 470kg mauw -GroupA
  • Jabiru SPL 430 and 450 - Long wing long Fus - 430kg/450kg mauw - GroupA
  • Jabiru UL 430 and 450 - Long wing, long Fus 430kg/450kg mauw - Ultralight
  • Jabiru Calypso 450 - L. wing, L. Fus bigger tail / winglets 450kg mauw - Ultralight
  • Jabiru J160 2 seater - mauw 540kg -GroupA
  • Jabiru J400 4 seater - mauw 700kg -GroupA
  • Jabiru J430 4 seater L.wing - mauw 700kg -GroupA

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