August 2000

The chassis and body being delivered with most of the rest of the components from Pilgrim

Don't worry, this steering wheel is only temporary!

By lowering the front of the chassis, I was able to get the engine in, complete with gearbox, without having to get too much of an angle on it.

Time for a quick trial fit of the body as I need to see if the radiator and expansion bottle will fit and how the air intake is going to go.

The late model Sierra Donor car had the fuel injection pump fitted in the fuel tank. I recovered this and extended the pipe work for it to work in the Sumo tank which is deeper. I also removed the combined fuel level mechanism as I will be using the separate Sumo one.

I cut out a hole where the normal pipes were and fitted the Sierra pump.

Rolling chassis, using the Sierra wheels

The lights are all wired up and tested ok

The fitting of parts to the chassis - Part Two