The gaps between the sides of the chassis and the body, need filling in. This should prevent the heat from the engine getting the passenger compartment too hot.

I made a cardboard template of the size and shape of the gap, then layed up several layers of CSM glass. Before it had fully cured, I cut out the shape from my template and positioned them in the body. This made them easier to get in as they were still 'flexible'

Finally I glassed them in permanently.

I've glassed in the inner body sides (grey bit) and the rear inner wheel arches.

Front wheel arch liners now in.

A lot of work was required to get sufficient clearance when the wheels were moved from lock to lock. I also had to make a bulge at the top for the air filter to sit in and at the same time maintain clearance.

Both liners were supplied as different shapes - on this one (offside) I had to extend the bottom front area (shows up as white) and cut it in half and re-glass (white line above shock)